More often than not, the word "claim" is widely heard and used in construction sector. As with any human endeavor where more than two parties are involved, contracting operations are fraught with controversy and dispute, and it has become important to know how to prevent and solve claims in time to avoid compounding the problem later on in the contract. It is everybody's dream to have a construction contract where the conditions are ideal, to have a job that is completed on schedule and within budget with few changes in scope and without unexpected occurrences. Unfortunately, such conditions are seldom found due to issues pertaining to projects as well as external causes i.e. defaults by parties to the Contracts, reasons beyond the parties and etc..

The general or special circumstances occurring in construction contracts demand healthier Claim Management process which shall be an integral part of the management of projects. This includes preventing, identifying, analyzing and solving of events that give rise to claims. All these need highly competent experts to be involved as each event is always distinctive. Solving of claims is therefore sometimes regarded as an art and science resembling old saying "one does not fit for all".

Qserve, Claim consultants in dubai, UAE provides comprehensive Claim Management aided by our Claim Management Protocol generally based on widely used standard protocols published by relevant world bodies.

Qserve Claim consultants in dubai, UAE provides Claim Management services on construction contracts, and related areas, as follows;

  • Typical construction claims against owners
  • Typical construction claims against the contractors
  • Claim-analysis procedures
  • Claims-prevention suggestions
  • Record management